My name is Tim De Meyer

Hi and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Tim, 24 years old and studying photography in Antwerp. This portfolio is dedicated to my 3 biggest passions: Webdesign, Photography and Cinema. Below you can find out more about my experiences and education. Check out the other pages to see some of my work. If you have a question or maybe a job offer, feel free to contact me anytime. Enjoy your stay!

Software knowledge

softwareAdobe Photoshop
softwareAdobe Premiere
softwareAdobe After Effects
softwareAdobe Illustrator
softwareMaxon Cinema 4D

Web languages

web languages(X) HTML 5
web languagesCSS 3
web languagesJavascript (jQuery)
web languagesPHP (codeigniter)
web languagesMySQL

Practical experience

Erasmus IP Finland

erasmus IP finland

In the summer of 2012 our school could send 4 students to Savonlinna, Finland to help out with the multimedia side of an Opera Festival. I had the oppertunity to be one of these four students. Beside working and learning we also made a lot of fun. Meeting new people from different countries in Europe. It was an amazing experience all the way. Checkout the video

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Internship | DesignIsDead


In our last school year we had to take a 12 week during internship. I chose for DesignIsDead, a creative agency that does all kinds of cool stuff. I got in touch with a lot of new programs, teamwork, workflows, etc. I also got in touch with the open source cms Drupal. A few months later I also did a holiday job there.

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Holiday job | Jongerentravel

holiday job

In the summer of 2014 I was part of a filmcrew for jongerentravel. We followed young partypeople and filmed all the activities and epic moments. You can check out the aftermovies at jongerentravel's youtube channel. Checkout the video

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