Bankautomaat (in development)


Coming Soon

Ever been in a situation where you're out of cash and don't know your way arround the local neighbourhood ? This small web application will tell you where the nearest ATM machine is!

This is a project I recently started working on in my spare time to get familiar with AngularJS. Normally I'm quite critical about new stuff, but I must say I'm already a big fan of this framework.

This will be the workflow:

    1. Get the user's current location. (html5 geolocation / by adres input)
    2. Send data request for the locations of ATM machines within a certain radius from the user's position.
    3. Calculate the distance to each ATM Machine.
    4. Order this list by distance and present it back to the user.
    5. The user selects a result from the list.
    6. Show more information about the ATM machine and show directions (google maps) to get there.
    7. There will also be a map available where all the ATM machines are pinpointed to get a clear overview.

    I want to focus on a convenient interface and fast performance. I believe if I can manage that, people might really start using it.