King Of Skate



This was my final project for school together with my fellow student Glenn Verschooren. We developed a device for skateboarders that is attached to the board and communicates with your smartphone. The device is equiped with an accelerometer wich measures the movement of the board.

I was mainly involved with the device technology. We used an arduino board, a bluetoothshield and an accelerometer. I wrote the algorithmes that can detect when the skater performs a specific trick like for example a "kickflip" (the board flips 360 degrees horizontally) or a 'manual' (balance on your rear/front wheels)

When the trick is landed correctly, the device sends a message to your smartphone using bluetooth. As you can imagine this opens up a world of possibilities. I still remember when we got out to test our fresh written code and landed our first trick. Excited we watched the phone hoping for a response. Then suddenly the phone received a succesmessage for the first time. We were totally ecstatic.

Glenn mostly took care of the design and development of the application. The app has an 'educational mode', where tricks are explained in detail accompanied with a video tutorial and the correct footposition. When you land a trick, it becomes checked in the tricklist. There is also a 'challenges mode', here you can find challenges like for example 'land 5 kickflips in a timespan of under one minute'. The goal of this mode is to push yourself further and to connect with other skateboarders and compete to eachother. This keeps the sport very social.

Below you can find some pictures of the development proces. It was a lot of work and trial and error, but it all turned out really well. We won the award for best final project in our department. Also afterwards we got many positive reactions, job offers and people willing to invest and bring the product out on the market.

Still want to know more? Check out the fictional product website we made back then.